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Installing a Flash SIMM into the Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4P Printer

The HP LaserJet 4P printer has three SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module) board slots.

Order of Installation

SIMM boards that have circuits on both sides of the board fit best in either of the two lower slots. It is easier to install the boards starting with the lowest slot and working up. Remove the boards in reverse order.

The SIMM slots are numbered 1 (the highest slot), 2 (the middle slot), and 3 (the bottom slot).

Preventing Damage from Static Electricity

C a u t i o n !
Even very small amounts of static electricity can damage the SIMM board.
When handling the board, follow all the instructions below.

To protect the SIMM board during installation, take these precautions:

  • Wear an anti-static wrist strap, or touch the surface of the antistatic package and any bare metal in the printer before removing the board from its package.
  • To prevent generation of more static electricity, avoid moving about the work area.
  • Handle the board carefully at all times. Avoid flexing the board or touching its components.

Step A Opening the Printer

  1. Switch the printer OFF and UNPLUG THE POWER CORD.

    W A R N I N G !
    Hazardous voltages are present in the printer.
    Never remove any access cover or work near exposed electrical parts while the power cord is connected.
  2. Remove the panel by pushing down on it and sliding it toward you.
  3. Through the opening, you can see three SIMM board slots. Remove any SIMM memory boards, if necessary. Then install the bottom SIMM first, and the top SIMM last.

    C a u t i o n !
    Touch any bare metal area on the printer before removing a board from the printer.
    Avoid flexing the board or touching components.

Step B Inserting the SIMM Board

C a u t i o n !
Touch the antistatic package and any bare metal area on the printer before removing a board from the antistatic package. Avoid flexing the board or touching components.
  1. Remove the board from the antistatic package. Hold the board with your forefingers on the edges next to the holes and your thumbs against the edge on the back. Orient the SIMM board so that the notch is on the left side.
  2. Orient the SIMM with the notch on the left.
  3. Hold the board at a 30-degree angle and firmly push it with your thumbs into the slot. Push the board into the back of the slot to seat it fully.
  4. Then rotate the board down until the clips on the edges of the slot snap into place (you will feel and hear a "click".)

Step C Replacing the SIMM Cover

  1. Rest the SIMM cover on the ridge surrounding the SIMM opening and push it against the printer.
  2. Slide the cover up until it snaps into position.

Printing a Configuration Page

To print a configuration page:

  1. On the front of the printer, press Menu until "Test Menu" displays.
  2. Press the Item button until "Self Test" displays.
  3. A configuration page will print.




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