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Installing a Flash DIMM in a Hewlett Packard LaserJet 2100/2200

If you have not already done so, print a configuration page by pressing the GO (big button) and JOB CANCEL (small button) buttons firmly at the same time to find out how much memory is installed in the HP LaserJet 2100 series printer before adding more memory.

Note: If you are replaceing an eForm chip, look for the slot with the 2MB ROM DIMM under the "installed personallities and options" list on that configuration page. The slots are numbered from back to front. Remove the old chip before installing the new.

  1. After the configuration page is printed, turn the printer off and disconnect the power cord.
  1. Open the interface cable door by pressing on the release tabs. Disconnect all interface cables.
  1. Open the top cover.
  1. Press the release button and slide the right side panel forward until the alignment arrows line up. If the case sticks, shake it and if that doesn't work, try lifting the printer up a little and dislodging the case on the bottom.
  1. Pull the panel away from the HP LaserJet 2100 series printer, exposing the available slots.
  1. Remove the eForm chip from the silver antistatic package. Leave any identifying stickers in place.
  1. Holding the eForm chip by the edges, align the notches on the connector edge of the eForms chip with the nubs in the slot. (Check that the locks on the top and bottom of the slot are open.)

    NOTE: For best results, use the slots in numerical (back to front) order.

  1. Press the eForms chip straight into the slot (press firmly). Make sure that the locks on each side of the DIMM snap inward into place. (To remove a DIMM, the locks must be released.)

  1. To replace the side panel, line up the alignment arrows and slide the panel backwards until the release button latches into place. Close the top cover.
  1. Reinstall the interface cable(s) and power cord. Turn on the HP LaserJet 2100 series printer.

Checking memory installation
To verify that DIMMs are installed correctly:

  1. Turn on the HP LaserJet 2100 series printer. Check that the printer control panel displays the Ready light after the printer has gone through the startup sequence. If an error message appears, a DIMM may have been incorrectly installed.
  2. Print a configuration page by pressing the GO and JOB CANCEL buttons simultaneously.
  3. Check the Installed Personalities and Options section on the configuration page and compare it with the configuration page printed before the DIMM installation. Your 2MB ROM should appear next to one of the DIMM Slot entries.

If the DIMM does not appear:

  • The DIMM may not be installed correctly (repeat the installation procedure).
  • Try another DIMM slot.
  • The DIMM may be defective (contact us for replacement).

If you have a third tray (second pull out tray) it can be loaded with plain white paper and the pull down tray in the front can be closed. You will need to power off the printer and turn it back on before the new tray will be recognized by the printer and used.

The Registration / Keypacket stock should be installed in the pull-out tray face down, with the top of the form to the front of the printer.

Known Issues:

Have to push the button to get each page to print:

This printer has a history of suddenly deciding that the Multipurpose tray (the one that pulls down from the front of the printer) is to be used as a manual feed tray. After printing a job, the printer will set and flash its light until you press the Go button. It will then pull from the front tray no matter where you told it to print from. I've see it do this even when the config page (printed by pressing both the Go and Job Cancel buttons at the same time while the printer is ready) clearly shows that MANUAL FEED is OFF. The solution is to cold reset the printer to factory defaults.

To cold reset the printer to the factory defaults:

  • As per HP: turn it off, and then hold down the "Job Cancel" key (the small one) for 10 seconds while turning the printer back on.
  • Turn printer off, and hold down the rear button. Power printer on and continue holding the button. Wait until all the lights quit flashing and the printer quits making noise, it might take a couple of minutes."

Paper doesn't pull from the bottom tray, printer indicates a jam but no paper in the printer or paper only partialy fed from the bottom tray:

After excessive use, the pickup "foot" may become worn on the bottom exibiting a flat spot or reduced depth. Cleaning, movement or replacement of this part will be required for continued, normal operation.



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